venerdì 12 ottobre 2012

COP XI: Participatory mechanisms for Indigenous and Local Communities

Group one was trying to discuss and agree and the 7th point in agenda on ILCs communities. All nations were trying to advocate rights and justice for their ILCs.
India strongly supported the recommendations of the ad hoc working group suggestions on the topic.
Nations were interested in rights of all indigenous communities and the national laws and programs associated with them.  These included not only tribal indigenous communities but pastoral communities, and communities in dry lands.
Repeated stress was made on the repatriation on traditional knowledge and genetic resources.There was  a proposal made to declare an “International Indigenous Communities day“ on the 23th of July every year.

Strong support was showed for intellectual property rights for the genetic resources and traditional knowledge. Many parties supported the idea of mechanisms and methods of traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources.
Some nations even stressed the need to have parallel indigenous education systems derived from traditional knowledge of communities.

There were concerns about funding gaps that the indigenous communities face for ecosystem restoration, preservation and protecting their traditional knowledge system. Increased support should be given to these communities in order to help the indigenous communities, especially in developing countries, to put in place systems for community protocols for accessing genetic resources and traditional knowledge, such as ABC mechanism and many more. The panel concluded stating that communities must have access to genetic resources and related traditional knowledge.

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