martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Second day at COP 11, discussing Marine and Costal Biodiversity

The most important issue in agenda for Group One on the second day of the Convention was marine and coastal biodiversity.
The discussions covered marine industrial pollution, marine loss due to fisheries, marine diversity and small islands conservation, as well as significant points which often are left behind in terms of Marine biodiversity like marine noise and many more.

The agenda focused on small island countries, whose main livelihood and concerns are about marine biodiversity. This regards places like Micronesia and Djibouti, ad they took the chance to raise their concerns over the loss of marine biodiversity during the panel.

Also the ILC's (Indigenous local communities) talked about the issue, saying that what most worries them  is not just the commercial value of biodiversity, but the preservation of their diverse livelihood that rests on the coastal biodiversity .

The Marine noise pollution issues was also raised by different parties. 

Specialised agencies like the FAPO voiced their opinion for conservation of marine diversity to be in consonance with the efforts for poverty eradication and food security targets.

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